Choosing the right partner for your business is one of the most difficult and important tasks of any entrepreneur, this choice can be decisive for your success. In the case, choosing a good wholesale silver jewelery supplier is essential to start your business of resale jewelery.

If you don’t want to make a mistake when choosing your wholesale jewelery supplier, pay close attention to these tips:

Search a lot

The first tip is to research the brand you want to resell a lot. Understand the exchange and return policies, and how it deals with resellers. Also look for the social networks of the jewelery supplier and see if he is really active, if he posts constantly, if he responds to comments. This initial assessment is very important.

Identify the brand identity

In the accessories market there are a multitude of models and styles available. Usually companies cannot have all the styles available and, therefore, they attack a specific target audience. In this way, most of the accessories they offer follow a line of style / brand identity.

Check that the brand identity is similar to yours and that the accessories that your jewelery supplier usually works with are aligned with your prospective customers.


Important aspect that is essential for you to observe is the mix of products that your jewelery supplier offers. Neither you nor the companies are able to offer all products for all styles. So if you need various kinds of silver jewelery, then it is important to hire the best wholesale silver jewelery supplier who has a variety with all types of jewelery in affordable price range, so that, you have options to choose jewelery according to your audience.


Look for a supplier who cares about you and your results. Your jewelery supplier must work with quality products, so he must offer you a guarantee on the products he sells. You must carefully observe if he will give you all the support you need, in case something happens with the piece you are selling to your client.

Conclusion: Pay attention to the details of the trade agreement

When you are starting a new business, enthusiasm and excitement often hinder you from seeing some details in the commercial agreement which you are making. Therefore, pay close attention to the details of the commercial agreement, and take all your doubts with the supplier’s support.