8 Exterior Christmas Lights Installation Mistakes You Can Avoid When You Hire The Pros

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, it’s time to plan out your house decor for the holidays. Nothing says “festive” more than having exterior Christmas lights installed. Now, oftentimes, people would always opt to DIY but for a price, you can hire a team of professionals to install holiday lights and avoid some costly mistakes along the way.

With trained eyes and skills acquired through the years, Christmas lights installers can help you avoid the following mistakes:

Forgetting to add a dash of color

Christmas lights come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors. Unfortunately, people tend to forget to mix colors when they’re designing their homes. There’s nothing worse than a very lit house that’s only covered in nothing but warm white lights.

Neglecting clearance from pedestrian traffic

This is a common mistake incurred by so many homeowners. As you plan your holiday decor, be sure to consider pedestrian traffic. For decorations around 8’, a 2’ clearance from pedestrian traffic should be noted. You’ll need to install the hardware at probably 10’ if a decoration is 4’ with a 2’ clearance on pedestrian traffic.

Leaving plugs on the ground

This is a big No for everyone who is looking to install Christmas lights outside. We know that the holiday season can be pretty hectic and you may have simply forgotten to leave the plugs on the ground but these can be very dangerous as anyone can easily be exposed to electric shocks!

Throwing the boxes of cartons away

This is another common mistake that people do when they install Christmas lights. Do not throw the boxes that your lights came in. Remember, your decorations are only up during the holiday seasons; for the rest of the year, they’ll be stored away in these boxes.

Installing on uneven floors

Not only will the uneven floors cause your decorations to be lopsided, but it can also cause a lot of stress for you during the holidays. You wouldn’t want to constantly be re-installing everything just because your ground mount display is unsteady that they keep falling over, now would you?

Forgetting about the power outlets

When it comes to having your Christmas lights installed, always make sure that power outlets are available nearby. Be sure to include this detail during your planning process so that you could avoid some of the more potential pitfalls.

Carelessly walking on your roof

Christmas lights installation is a lot more dangerous than you think! It’s more than just dumping a bunch of lights on your roof. This is why you should hire a professional who knows what they’re doing.

Not expecting ice dams and water runoffs

Sadly, the holidays are always coupled with unpredictable weather. In some parts of America, rain, snow, and ice are very common during the Christmas season. With this in mind, be sure that your decorations are for outdoor use.

In the end, bringing your holiday spirit outside is what exterior Christmas lights installation is about. Be sure to review these 9 common mistakes so that you can avoid injuries and enjoy the festivities the best that you can!

At American Holiday Lights, we have years of experience in wowing families and businesses with our Christmas lights installation. If you need a reputable team to have your Christmas lights installed, contact us today!