90’s Jewellery Trends That are Still in Vogue

The ‘90s era was a crazy time for fashion. We got so fascinated with this period that every often we felt like just reliving it. Whether you were born in the 90s or not, this loving decade has strings attached to everyone’s heart. It is no surprise that trends come and go. But few trends for the 90s have had an amazing comeback. They faded, revived, got hotter, and made their way again out of the 90s into 2020. 

Ahead, we have rounded up cool jewelry trends that hail from the 90s era but are still in vogue as best jewelry gifts

#1. Seashells:

Seashells were nineties staples. They have been a prominent piece of jewelry in the past decades and don’t seem to go away anytime soon. The resurrected seashell trend has made its way to girls’ wardrobe in the form of necklaces, earrings, and anklets. The seashell jewelry pieces with gold setting sport a magnificent look. Moreover, these pieces are lightweight, petite, and yet high on style. 

#2. Chokers

A choker is one of the most popular jewelry pieces from the nineties. Even today this unique necklace has reserved its place. It is a powerful statement piece that can be found in every girl’s wardrobe today. With numerous designs and styles, chokers enable you to elevate your every look. There is a choker for a beach, official gatherings, friend’s night out, formal gatherings, festivities, and a lot more. So, get into the nostalgic lane of the 90s and rejoice your everyday wear with different chokers. 

#3. Anklets

Anklets were seen around the entire nineties decade. During those days they were used to adorn ankles with flip flops and jelly sandals. Today, fashionistas can be seen sporting chic anklets with stilettos, loafers, and ankle-strap sandals. Anklets provide your ankles an enchanting look. Available in exotic range, you can anklets with chunky chains, pearls, and dainty charms. Believe us, this trend is the coolest and will never fade away. It keeps on reviving to get better will keep on coming back.

#4. Pearls

Pearls are timeless, hailing from the 90s the delicate pearl jewelry pieces are back into our life with a modern twist. With gold chains, beading, and hoops they back again to rock your look with slip dresses and open-collared shirts. The iconic pearl jewelry is now available in fun variants and has received a splash of color. The change has been more dramatic to pearl necklaces. Beautifully refreshed from their initials they are now more stunning than ever before.

#5. Charmed Pieces:

Refreshed delicately from signature style, charm jewelry pieces are now more happening. These playful baubles have charmed us gain with a magical reboot. The full-fledged revival of charmed pieces is all the rage at the moment. They have become smaller, daintier, and colorful which is quite a statement in itself. 

Pretty much since the nineties, these jewelry trends have been ruling hearts. Didn’t this trend sound enticing? So why wait for more? Check the Indian gold rate today and bring home your best jewelry piece from the 90s.