Thailand is the answer to those who want to match their physical gender with what they feel about themselves internally. Sex reassignment surgery also known to be gender reassignment surgery or sex operation, has a number of acronyms but the goal in one – to give people a chance to live life the way desire. A list of prerequisites that all surgeons will insist upon their patients to be aware before going ahead with the case.

  1. The age of the patient should be at least twenty years or more to be able to receive this surgery or they may have the consent of their legal parents or guardian for individuals below the age of eighteen or twenty.
  2. They should have a minimum of twelve months of successful and consistent real life experience living as a female.
  3. They should receive at least twelve months of hormonal therapy
  4. They should consult with a psychiatrist in their own country where they live and in the country where the procedure will take place
  5. The person undergoing this surgery should be irrevocably physically fit.

The procedure of sex reassignment surgery – a brief guide

The total process of this surgery constitutes a number of step which are as follows:

  1. Orchiectomy or removal of the testes
  2. plenectomy or removal of penis
  3. Breast augmentation surgery
  4. Facial and voice feminisation surgery which is also known as FFS OR VFS

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With Thailand liberal and accepting attitude the surge of patients getting gender reassignment surgeries from this country has led to a line of numerous experts who not only provide success stories but they also give these individuals a chance to live their life’s the way they want. In case you are someone on the lookout for sex change or you have a loved one wanting to undergo it Thailand is one of the best places to do so. To know more on topics like sex change operation Thailand cost visit the real-time clinic website.