Amazing Qualities of a Good Toilet Paper

The toilet paper is a necessity and has different uses other than its one main use. There are a lot of options available in the market for a variety of toilet papers. One should be aware of the quality while buying toilet paper. The quality of toilet paper matters because one has to use it regularly and also for the environment. Everyone needs to understand that there are certain qualities that a good toilet paper should have. Here are such qualities:


Many companies use chlorine to make the toilet paperwhite. A good quality toilet paper is chlorine-free. If the toilet paper is treated with chlorine then it is not environment friendly. It harms nature because it is a chemical that can lead to both air and water pollution. It is important to buy chlorine-free toilet paper so that environment can be saved as well.

Environment friendly

One should check that the toilet paper he is buying is whether environment friendly or not. A good quality toilet paper is the one that has not destroyed the trees and also made of recycled paper. The green toilet paper is considered to be good. 

Number of plies

The quality of toilet paper depends on the number of plies. The plies depict the number of papers on toilet paper. The high-quality toilet paper has more number of plies and the low-quality has usually one ply. So, one should check for the number of plies before buying the toilet paper.

Number of fibers

The toilet paper with poor quality is usually made up of irritating fibers as they might come off on the skin and resulting in itchiness. The fiber quality of toilet paper should be good so that it does not feel scratchy or reddens the skin.


The good quality toilet paper is soft so that it does not give scratches against your skin. They should not feel like cardboard against the skin rather like cotton or feather. So, one should check for the softness of the toilet paper before buying it.

Easy to tear

The good quality toilet paper is the one that is easy to tear. It is easy to tear and use good quality toilet paper. If the toilet paper does not come off easily then the person will be irritated every time he goes to the toilet.

Septic safe

Another good quality of the toilet paper is the one that does not clog the drain. One should use septic safe toilet paper so that they dissolve easily in the water and do not clog the drains. This will reduce maintenance costs as well. 

Lasts longer

One should buy toilet paper that lasts longer that is there is no regular need of changing the toilet roll. One should buy a size that does not need a regular change of roll. This quality is considered to be good.

Hence, these are all the qualities of a good toilet paper. One should check for these qualities before buying toilet rolls.