Best haircut scissors: Know how to buy them online

Not sure which type of scissors to use? It all depends on hair type and the style of cut you want to do. Depending on some basic aspects, you can buy them online at affordable prices. Thinking about cutting the wires on your own at home? The task can be a little risky, but if you still want to give it a try, you need to find the right scissors to cut your hair.

Laser wire scissors

The laser wire scissors are the first in most hairdressers’ essential kit. It has a micro-serrated coating on one or even both blades, which helps to hold the lock better and prevent the strands from slipping and damaging the cut. The laser wire scissors do not reduce the volume of the wires and are very precise. Therefore, it is indicated for straight cuts and for those who have smooth, fine or small amounts of wire. 

Razor edge scissors

The name could not be more literal. Its blades, which are smooth and very sharp, work like two razors. These scissors are ideal for unraveling the threads and making jagged cuts, disconnected and with asymmetrical ends. Some professionals start cutting with laser wire scissors and then use razor wire to lighten the cut. It is not a good option for those who want to keep a straight cut.

Thinning scissors 

The thinning scissors or toothed scissors are indicated for men and women with curly and frizzy hair, as it manages to perfectly style the volume of these types of hair. The teeth allow the hair to be cut unevenly. It helps to reduce the volume of the wires and makes them more distributed, a finish that is quite different from the precise cut of the laser wire model.

Care when buying your haircut scissors

There is a huge difference between a professional hair dresser and someone with a little experience knows how to cut the hair. Even those with little experience should invest in the acquisition of a pair of scissors for this purpose. Trying to use other types of scissors simply because they are available is a recipe for disaster. It is essential that the scissors are made of stainless steel or carbon steel with a stainless coating. It is because during most cuts you will need to moisten the hair.

Things to consider carefully

When purchasing your scissors, give preference to establishments that have a good reputation in the market, especially in the case of online purchase, and be aware of the extent of the warranty provided against manufacturing defects.

Shops specializing in cutlery items are often a great alternative, especially those that also sell razors. This type of blade is capable of replacing the scissors at different stages of the cut, besides being essential to ensure a precise finish in the nape and ear regions.


Now that you know how to identify the different types of haircutting scissors and in which situations each is best suited, check out the models available on the website, There, you will find many hair cutting tools and accessories at affordable prices, produced by the most reputable manufacturers.