The Real Reason Moisturizers are Underrated

If you rate the cost of skincare products from least to most expensive, moisturizers will probably show up on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Though there are luxury moisturizers out there, regular makeup users are content with drugstore brands that still get the job done. If you can get something for a less expensive price tag, why not?

Despite them being a staple in most people’s makeup arsenal, moisturizers still deserve more credit. Here’s why: 

The Obvious: The Moisturize

This is the main job of a moisturizer, but the fact that the skin needs moisturization is often understated and bears repeating. A properly moisturized skin looks and feels more supple, which is why it’s recommended for you to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. These are mostly water, and they are loaded with nutrition that benefits the skin. Even without these natural sources of nourishment, however, moisturizers available online help you get the same youthful look.

Moisturizers Also Get Rid of Dry Spots 

As they moisturize the skin, they also lessen the appearance of dry spots, which evens out your makeup application. There is nothing worse than applying your favorite foundation and seeing it stick to dry patches of skin and highlighting the problem area. It’s less noticeable when you use a cushion with a dewy finish, but it would be more expensive to change your foundation than just to add a moisturizer to your skincare routine. 

Moisturizers Help Even Out Oil Production 

The problem with having oily skin is that in your attempt to make your skin less oily, you may actually be encouraging more oil production. This is what happens when you over exfoliate and use toners that dry out the skin. Your skin takes this as a sign to produce more oil, which is the opposite of what you want. Applying moisturizers after cleansing and toning makes sure the skin is properly hydrated, which will stop it from overcompensating with more oil. With that said, make sure the cleanser and moisturizer you are using are not oil-based, as these may only add to your natural oils too. 

Moisturizers Can Stand Alone 

There are days when the most natural look you can manage is the actual natural state of your skin–which means no minutes wasted on polishing your skin, cheeks, lips, and lashes for a look that looks natural but takes so much effort. If you wear a tinted moisturizer, you can already have the skin protection you need on top of your skin looking moisturized. If you care for your lips, a light gloss will be enough to complete the look. This is how effortless a natural look should be. 

As one of the three most important parts of your skincare, moisturizer deserves recognition. However, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t just stop at hydrating your skin. Its underlying benefits help the rest of your skincare routine go more smoothly, so never skip your moisturizer ever again. And make sure you’re using the product as needed or recommended by your skin doctor.