What differentiates “Sassy Jones” from other Fashion Brands

The fashion industry has changed enormously, from the mid-19th century when tailors hand-made clothes. This process has become more automated as time passes, and today’s fashionable items are often mass-produced. With the rise of mobile usage and the unexpected impacts of COVID-19, eCommerce has emerged as one of the main selling channels. Let’s dive into how this factor adds to the brand “Sassy Jones” to become one of the most well-known brands globally.

The fashion industry has become more competitive. Fashion businesses are growing across sectors — from local to global brands and retailers to wholesalers. Not to mention the rise in second-hand thrifting stores that have become more popular with sustainability- and price-minded shoppers. With more players in the fashion industry, customers now have more options to choose from. Such diverse business models have made the fashion industry more competitive. Without a doubt, innovation is needed to thrive in this fast-changing industry. 

Despite the competitive market, buyers revisit the brands/places they get the most reliable experience. As clothing might be the physical product, what brings the customer back is the feelings they can attach to the products they buy. Sassy Jones gives its customers this, which keeps their buyers loyal to them only. Even though due to COVID-19, according to Google, 59% of buyers prefer to shop online instead of going to stores, the customer services of Sassy Jones have not disappointed any buyer leading to an increase the popularity and revenue eventually. 

Sassy Jones is a fashion brand originated by Charis Jones back in 2013. Charis is a fashion designer who has been in this industry since she was 14. Even since then, Charis has never known of being just a woman who feels helpless and cannot do anything to achieve her dreams because entering her field of interest opened the gates of opportunities for her. She is a self-taught designer with a healthy combination of grit and glamor. Jones embodies everything the brand stands for beauty, brilliance, and rule-breaking. Her powerful aura gets her to the places that many only wish for. 

With Jones’ vision and leadership, her team focuses their sight on getting the results that would best suit the customers. Money for Jones is just the outcome, and the actual motive is to make people realize that if a woman wants, she can do it all. Along with working for her dreams, Jones enjoys her life to the fullest and believes in happiness because all ups and downs are just the phases of life. She has gotten her earlier education from Churchland High School in Portsmouth, Virginia. Positively taking life, Jones made many bold decisions and inspired other women worldwide to do the same if they want to gain their goals and earn respect for themselves, along with opening the doors for young girls who will thank her years later. 

Making any startup stay in the limelight isn’t tricky; the team and the vision should align with the founder’s intentions to work for the customers, which is what Sassy Jones gives us. But it isn’t as easy either; the designer needs to be a good leader to take the whole team and make sure the direction does not change halfway, and the customer’s satisfaction is affected.