Where Should I Bring My Dad to Eat for Father’s Day in Singapore?

Can you guess what will be coming shortly? Absolutely father’s day. Father’s day will come on June 20th, so we will be happy to celebrate it. Most people are not pretty close to their father, it does not mean most people have a bad relationship with their father. Every child actually loves their fathers, but the culture of our household that most of the east country uses makes daddy’s image not parents that are close to their child. Definitely,  we believe that the duty of providing is the father job already we bring until this time and be the culture. We also believe that the duty of taking care and doing household stuff is the mother’s job. So from those two premises, we can conclude that most of the children will be closer with their mom and due to that, father’s day is not overly celebrated, even though many people think father’s day does not even ever exist. The fact says it already exists and many people celebrate it.

A fancy restaurant in Singapore

This recommendation would be very appropriate for those who already grow up and are financially stable. The appreciation for father could be realized by doing fancy dinner or fancy lunch with father obviously. Here the fancy restaurant that you might need to celebrate on fathers day Singapore

  1. Odette

This restaurant has French style. The restaurant would deserve very luxurious fine dining.  You do not have to worry about the service and the dish, because Odette has achieved the number one best restaurant in Asia for 8 years in succession.  You can find Odette restaurant at 1 St Andrew’s Rd, #01-04 National Gallery, Singapore 178957. If you and your dad are vegetarians, you do not need to change the plan to do dinner with your dad. Odette is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant. Do reservations ahead of time cause they probably would be pretty busy on certain holidays.

  1. Flutes

So many people recommend this restaurant. Because daddy’s day will always be held on the third Sunday in June, it would be very appropriate to celebrate it on Flutes. Flutes are highly recommended for Sunday brunch on father’s day. The dish looks lavish and tasty. You do not need to be pretty worried about the price because you will pay for your full satisfaction. The best dish that people would love to tell you to try is Duck Confit for the main course and buttermilk panna cotta for the dessert.

  1. Blossom restaurant

This restaurant would give you seafood dishes that are cooked in the Chinese way. The blossom restaurant also has another protein from duck and pork. They deserve a good portion and they balance protein and fat in each dish. Actually, if you are Asian, you will find a compatibility taste on your tongue because who does not like Chinese food? For the price, you will only pay from $38 SG until $98 SG.

  1. The Black Swan

You can not help but believe in this restaurant, The Black Swan, one of the luxury and best restaurants that Singaporean have known since 1930. The Black Swan would love to deserve your western food. Your father will be happy if you order ribeye that is served with truffle sauce for your dad. For those of you who work on Cecil Street, it is okay to drive here on Sunday so you do not need to change your daily route.

  1. The Rose Veranda

They would say excellent for the review of The Rose Veranda. They have so many options for desserts. The restaurant will suit you if you want to celebrate father’s day by just chilling. The ambiance will serve you a calm atmosphere. They also have a salty dish which is not less delicious than the sweets.

  1. Wooloomooloo Steakhouse

Most people say they have excellent experience in Wooloomooloo Steakhouse. People love meaty dishes which Wooloomooloo serves, they use very premium quality meat. If you or your dad is on a diet program, they could serve you gluten-free dishes. To come here, we suggest you have a highly hungry fettle. The restaurant has so many delicious foods to order and you will not leave it on your plate.

Legendary coffee shop Singapore

To spend time while celebrating father’s day with your dad you can also chill out and chat while doing coffee time. To have coffee time with your dad, you should not go to the modern coffee shop. Go to the coffee shop that does not have much taste change on the coffee itself. Here we give you the recommendation.

  1. Killiney Kopitiam

Killiney has been there since 1919, the authenticity of coffee at this coffee shop does not need to be doubted. The way they serve coffee is like the Hainan way. Actually, Killiney Kopitiam was made by an immigrant from Hainan. That is why the first name of this coffee shop is Kheng Hoe Heng coffee. In 1920 they changed the name to Killiney Kopitiam because the owner sells the coffee shop. This coffee is really famous, even many people from neighboring countries review this place.

  1. Heap Seng  Leong

Heap Seng Leong placed on 10 North Bridge, Singapore. They would make your conversation with your dad full of warm love because of the atmosphere there. They probably could give you the best butter coffee that they have. The menu there is also not that expensive like the fancy coffee shop out there. The butter coffee they have named Gu You and Yuan Yang is coffee brewed with tea. Like the other legendary coffee shops, they also sell kaya toast.

Fancy gift for fathers

  1. Watches

Fathers actually need this stuff. Usually, they will repair their watch repeatedly. And this is probably your chance to buy a new watch for them. Smartwatches are recommended for people that need to be reminded of several things.

  1. Tumblr reminder

Old people need to be reminded about how much they need mineral water. The Tumblr reminder which you buy for your dad will replace you to remind him that he needs to consume a lot of mineral water.

  1. Wine basket

For those of you who want to celebrate the day at home, you only need to buy a gift for your dad. You can order a wine basket on flower delivery Singapore . Dinner or just chilling out while spending the night accompanied by wine could warm your father’s day night.