A Few Myths About Bras that You Should Not Believe

There are many misconceptions about the usage of bras, which lead to using them wrongly. One of the common myths is that if you buy the right size bra made of good quality material, then you have made a proper purchase. It is not the whole truth as there are other things that need to be considered to buy the right ones for comfortable usage.  Similar to it, there are many misconceptions that one must stop believing. 

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Here are few myths about bras that shouldn’t be believed- 

  • You can wear light colour bras while wearing white or pastel shade tops as they won’t be seen by a passerby. 
    • Actually, white bra seems to be highlighted when worn under translucent white top or shirt. It is better to wear nude coloured bra. You can even wear red colour shades bra under white shirts as it looks trendy and sober. 
  • It is beneficial not to wash bra regularly.
    • You need to wash your undergarments daily to maintain hygiene. You can hand wash them if you fear its fibre getting spoilt if washed in washing machines. 
  • You can use the same bra again and again without washing for two days as its shape won’t change.
    • That isn’t true as wearing the same without washing will lessen their life span and the strap elastic will stretch more. 
  • The life span of the bras is more than one year. 
  • It isn’t totally true as the straps are sure to get lose and the hooks will break. Even the underwire can pop out or break. 
  • It is beneficial to wear a bra while sleeping to keep your breasts firm and uptight. 
    • It isn’t helpful to wear tight bras while sleeping. Moreover, drooping of breasts is a natural process that may occur due to old age, breastfeeding and other reasons. You can maintain the shape of your breast by doing a proper form of exercises meant for improving your bust frame. 
  • Not wearing the right fitting bra can cause breast cancer.
    • There is no scientific evidence to state the statement is true. The lymphatics of the breast are not compressed, thus there isn’t any medical problem to fear if you wear the right size bra. 
  • The right way to wear bra is to clip at the last hook. 
    • It is very not true as it is only worn when you feel the tightness of bras otherwise it is ideal to clasp at the middle of the hook.  The elasticity of the bra can loosen if clasped at the last hook. 

Thus, strike out these misconceptions and wear the right size bra designed using comfortable material to wear every day.