Answering Common Questions About Sunscreen Stick for Kids

Should you be new to sunscreen stick for kids, you won’t know too much about the product, but never fear, as we’re here to give you some insight. We’re going to be doing that by looking at some of the most frequently posed questions about the subject. So, let’s waste no more time and actually get into the good stuff to find some answers.

Q – Is Physical or Chemical sunscreen best for kids?

A – That’s an interesting question with quite an interesting answer. The consensus is that chemical sunscreens aren’t quite as effective at protecting the skin of children as physical (mineral-based) products are much gentler and block the sun rather than having to be absorbed. This also means kids don’t have to wait half an hour before going outside. 

Q – What does Broad Spectrum Mean For Sunscreen Stick For Kids?

A – When you’re shopping for sunscreen, you should be looking out for terms like Broad Spectrum Coverage or Broad Spectrum Protection. That’s due to the fact that two types of UV rays (UVA & UVB) exist, and both can be hugely damaging to the skin. If yours isn’t broad spectrum sunscreen, you’ve simply not got full protection for your kids. 

Q – What are the benefits of sunscreen sticks over lotions?

A – Well, for one, they’re much neater and less messy. Sure, you do have to pass them over the skin around 4-5 times to get proper coverage, but you won’t find any splashes getting into unwanted places. Furthermore, sunscreen stick for kids also tends to be much more compact and transportable, meaning Mom has more room in her carry bag for other things! 

Q – How long should kids wait before going out in the sun?

A – There are two correct answers to this question. The first relates to wearing chemical sunscreen, and the answer is around 30 minutes. You need to give it this amount of time to allow it to become absorbed into the skin and provide protection. Mineral-based products, on the other hand, work straight away, meaning there’s no wait involved.

Q – Does it matter if my child gets wet with sunscreen on?

A – We’d love to be able to tell you that it doesn’t matter and that your child can play in the water with impunity all day, but we can’t. Water, sadly, washes most types of sunscreen off of the skin, meaning that reapplication is necessary when they come out. There are ‘water-resistant’ sunscreens out there, but even they only safeguard your skin for up to 80 minutes before you have to reapply. 

Q – Can I use sunscreen stick AND lotion on my child?

A – Yes, you can. In fact, it’s what the experts recommend. They say that sunscreen sticks are great for making the process of application fun (as it’s a bit like putting on body paint), but they also say that parents should use lotion to ensure that no gaps exist anywhere on the body. 

Q – How often does a kid’s sunscreen need to be reapplied?

A – Generally speaking, whether you’re an adult or a child, sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours when you’re out in the sun. That’s the case whether using chemical or mineral-based sunscreen products, and it’s the only way to stay protected. Many people only apply one coat all day, but it’s just not enough for all-day protection.

We Hope You Enjoyed Our Sunscreen Stick For Kids FAQs!

Using a new sunscreen can sometimes be confusing if you don’t take the time to read the instructions. We hope that our FAQs have given you some base knowledge you can use to protect yourself and your little ones during the year’s warmest months.