Ballistic Armor Self Defense Family Packs

Asfaleia Produces an Unsurpassed Family Top Security Self-Defense Pack

With the rising level of insecurity all over the world, people are on the run to find out various ways to protect themselves. Every family person is striving to protect the family members from being hurt when a certain insecurity occurrence arises. However, it has not been a walk in the park to find a proper and lasting solution to this problem. But with the entrance of Asfaleia self-defense family packs, now you can afford a smile and rest assured of your security and that of any of your family members. We have conceived your desire to be proactive by creating a line of self-defense family packs that will act as shields in case there is an active shoot out or an emergency.

Get to know the key Asfaleia family pack features 

The Asfaleia self-defense pack has an endless list of stunning features that will leave you very secure as a user. Some of them include:

Top Security – with our packs, you are at liberty to choose the most appropriate level of security pack that you need. We provide you with a brace of security level so, you can choose either soft level IIIA ballistic armor – bulletproof or level III hard ballistic armor strike and slash-resistant. If you are prone to pistol and shotgun attacks, your best defense pack is level IIIA but for AK47. AR15 and .308, level III is the best.

Material and hardware: The quality that our pack is made up is unquestionable. To begin with, it contains fashionable Italian designs. The highest quality of zippers called YKK and 100% high-quality vegan leather also make up the Asfaleia self-defense security pack. The interior of this pack has a waterproof lining that eases cleaning up spills or any other mess.

Pockets – I know you have never seen or gotten a pack with all the nature of pockets. Our pack has all the pockets that you may have in mind. It has a pocket specifically for your padded laptop, RFID blocking credit card pocket, insulated pockets to keep your drinks cold or hot, and a secret magnetic closure pocket for your important items like passports. To beef up security, there are also special pockets that can hold ballistic armor panels. Undoubtedly, all the ballistic armors are TSA compliant and legal to travel to the USA and they meet or exceed the NIJ certification.

The mind-blowing feature is that of the presence of a charging potential. Our pack comes with a pocket that contains a 10000 mAh magnetic charger pack that allows you to charge your phone wirelessly. There is no more hustle of carrying codes to charge your gadget. Whenever it runs out of charge to easily slide it into the pocket and have it charged.

Color – the Asfaleia family packs allow you to choose the best clour, that which appeals to your eyes since they come with a myriad of colors. The colors range from maroon, forest green, navy blue, black, violet, grey, brown, red, rose, to taupe, among the rest.

Generally, Asfaleia is a startling gift that you will ever receive. Go for it.