Different Styles of Tote Bags Appropriate for Different Purposes and Personalities

Tote bags are recently lot in demand. Their exclusive design, space, material durability makes it highly usable for any purpose. Mostly, it is seen that ladies prefer tote bags more than purses and plastic bags. A woman has many things to carry not n for their office, but also shopping and kids necessary items. Therefore, they always look for bags that are spacious and strong to carry anything.

Tote bags are made from non-hazardous material which makes it safe and eco-friendly. Plastic bags are being boycotted by people to save the environment. Most plastic bags are made from poor quality material which is hazardous for the environment.

Plastic bags are made through petroleum which means hazardous smoke comes out of factories that manufacture plastic items and pollute the air. Thus, by using tote bags you’re protecting your kids from pollution.

Custom Earth Promos is an eco-friendly manufacturing company that produces fully customizable eco-friendly printed bags. They have been in business since 2009 and have always focused on natural products that help in keeping the environment safe.

All their products are made from non-hazardous material. Recently in their product list, they have also added sanitizers, reusable masks, and disinfectant kits to keep the world safe from COVID-19.

Different colors, sizes, and shapes make tote bags look stylish and multipurpose. There are various kinds of tote bags available in the market. However, not all are meant for everyone. There is the best way to decide which tote bag is meant for you –

  • First, understand the purpose of tote bag in your daily life. If you know the reason for using it, you will know the size and shape of the bag required as you’ll have an idea what all items will you keep in it and where will you take it.
  • Once you know all items that you’ll carry in your bag, you’ll automatically know the perfect size to be purchased.
  • Now the next imp0ortant thing is to know if you need an open, or zip-top bag. This is an important factor because generally, people keep their items in a close bag in fear of losing it, and sometimes they have a busy schedule so prefer open bags which saves time of unzipping it every time.
  • Most importantly, you should also know the kind of material that is needed. For example, for vegetable and frozen items shopping, you always need a cotton tote bag in which items are fresh because air circulates, but for the beach, you will need a polyester bag that keeps all items waterproof.

Your personality should also match with your tote bag. If you’re tall, then a small tote bag will not complement you. Similarly, a short person will look odd with a big tote bag. Thus, think smartly when choosing a smart bag.

Plastic bags take 1000 years to demolish from the earth which means they end up on landfills, or in water. They not only pollute water and land, but many aquatic animals die after swallowing it. Therefore, using recycle bags is not only a fashion icon, but also a necessity to save the world. I have taken a pledge of boycotting plastic items this World Environment Day, what about you?