Dress Up Any Outfit with the Addition of a Scarf

Many women consider a scarf to be the perfect accessory. These items can be worn in a variety of ways, a woman never outgrows them regardless of how much weight is gained or lost, and scarves serve multiple purposes. However, some ladies get stuck in a rut and tie the scarf the same way every time they wear it. Why not try using this accessory a new way to see how it transforms an outfit? Following are some suggestions of different ways to tie scarves.

Double Wrap French Knot

Take the scarf and fold it into one, long, single piece. Locate the center of the scarf once it has been folded and place this at the front of the neck. Wrap the ends of the scarf around the neck and bring them to the front once again. Tie them together in a knot and adjust the knot to its desired location on the neck. This knot is simple and easy and provides the elegant look many women are after.

Side Twist Knot

Scarves are meant to be worn on the head as well as the neck. Consider taking one of your Designer Silk Scarves from Victoria Ragna and using it for this purpose. Simply place the scarf over the head much like a hood and bring the ends around to the back. Place them to one side of the neck down low and begin twisting the scarf. Do so until there is only a small amount left at the bottom. Make this remaining amount into a loop and coil the twisted portion of the scarf on itself to form a bun. Secure it with the loop you created.

The Scarf Wrap

This is the way many women wear their scarves. Simply take the scarf and wrap it around the body until it feels comfortable. The best part about wearing a scarf this way is it can then be used to cover the head, decorate the neck, or be wrapped around the wrist like a piece of jewelry when the weather warms up.

The Bow

Take a scarf and make one side longer than the other. The long end is where the bow will be made. Form this portion into a loop, making sure to hide the end of the scarf and creating the loop in an upward rather than downward movement. Next, make a bow using the same section of yarn and hold it in the center. Take the shorter piece of scarf that has yet to be used and wrap it in the middle of the bow. Bring the shorter section around the bow and through the loop in the middle. Pull the end of the scarf to adjust the bow to the tightness desired.

These are only three of the many ways a scarf may be used to dress up an outfit. Make a blanket scarf, create a knotted scarf necklace, and more. The ideas are truly endless, and many women find they can significantly expand their wardrobe choices by investing in only one scarf