Here are five tips to help you find the best wedding gift

It can be difficult to find the right marriage gifts. How do you ensure that it does not end up in the couple’s basement or being returned? Your gift is a token of your appreciation and love. We spoke to experts to help you find the perfect gift for your husband or wife.

Personalize your gift

A monogram with the couple’s initials will instantly personalize a traditional wedding gift. It shows you care enough to spend the time to make sure the gift is memorable and special. If it is your friend’s marriage, you might be able to customize their gift by creating an artistic collage of their photos.

Use the couple’s registry

It is the golden rule of wedding gift etiquette 101. It can be overwhelming to search the internet for the perfect wedding gift, especially if the couple is not clear on what they want. Even though we have compiled this list of top-quality wedding gifts, each couple will have different needs and preferences. This is why it is important to check their registry before you start searching. 

Contribute to a cash fund

You can buy traditional wedding gifts, but some prefer to contribute in cash fund that the couple has been raising for their honeymoon. When it comes to weddings, monetary gifts are not taboo. Most to-be-weds appreciate having extra cash available after their wedding day. You can consider it as a honeymoon gift

Spend what you can comfortably give

It is a very common one: how much are you going to spend? The answer has changed over time. There is no set amount on how much money you spend on wedding gifts. Data shows that guests spend an average of $300 on wedding gifts. You should only spend what you can afford for a wedding gift.

Your relationship should be your guide

While you may want to spend more for your best friend than you would for a close friend, it is perfectly acceptable to spend less on someone who is not so close to you, such as a coworker or distant relative. It is okay to reduce your budget if you have a busy season of wedding events or are a part of the wedding party. 

You might consider gifts that cost between $50 and $150+. Then, you can use your personal budget for gifts that are within your means.


Group gifts are acceptable in wedding gift etiquette. In fact, we encourage them. Couples are likely to add some expensive items to their wedding registry. These are great candidates for group gifts. Ask your guests to help you if the couple registers for something out of reach for one person. Your generosity will touch the couple and, depending on how large your group, you may be able save money. Make sure everyone who contributes to the gift signs their name. It is a crucial rule of wedding gift etiquette. It is the only way to let the couple know whom they should thank for the gift in their thank you cards.