Memorable Wedding Cakes: Style and Taste

Wedding cakes play a significant role within the wedding ceremony. Actually, some brides really plan all of their weddings around design for their cake. While traditional white-colored, tiered cakes capped using the bride-and-groom figures continue to be predominant, colorful cakes depicting kooky styles and personally-significant tableaux took a powerful hang on our pop cultural psyche. Those are the subjects of reality shows like TLC’s Cake Boss and Food Network’s Ace of Cakes. Which type of cake if you undertake? What should it taste like? In the end, you would like the perfect day-to last within the physical recollections of both sight and taste. With this particular guide you may make the wedding cake both a visible question along with a culinary delight!


The dessert style will connect with your decision for the kind of wedding you’re getting and also the overall tone you’re taking, whether formal, informal, contemporary, traditional, indoor or outside. If you have set the design and style, you may make all this information open to your cake designer and supply her or him having a photo or concept of the decor with materials and colors, styles and motifs.

Themed wedding cakes might not only reflect the reception but might depend in your honeymoon location. For example, the dessert topper may include a Hawaiian motif like a palm tree on the sand bar, or perhaps a couple surfing or rock climbing. In that way, the normal bride-and-groom on the top could be altered having a subtle little bit of humor with an otherwise traditional tiered wedding cake by replacing the topper with Kermit and Miss Piggy, or all of your playful alter-egos.

You might want to tie in to the architectural theme from the reception space and also have Art Deco styling with zig-zags, or Classical posts and arches, or Contemporary simplicity with rectangles, angles and folds that mimic a Frank Gehry-music hall. If both you and your fiance (or fiancee) are generally musicians, you might want to share your ex of music by inviting your visitors to nibble on the Baby Grand confection or perhaps a Rock-and-Roll guitar. Marrying a Swede? Possibly you need to consume the country, symbolically that’s, inside a blue-and-yellow flag-designed sheet cake outlining the nation’s geographical shape. Did you and your partner-to-be meet with the Star Wars convention or else you share an appreciation of Halloween?