Top 5 Outfits that look Stunning with Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a timeless piece of jewelry. These staple earrings are a must-own piece of jewelry for every woman. Whether you are working or non-working hoop earrings are statement pieces you ought to own. When paired with different outfits these earrings create an unimaginable appeal. If you are looking for some fresh inspiration on how to pair hoop earrings with different outfits this article will provide you immense help. Read on to find top outfit ideas that look amazingly stunning with hoop earrings.

#1. Graphic Tee and Colorful Hoops

Remain trendy and chic by opting to wear colorful hoop earrings with a graphic t-shirt. This combination is going to a killer one. Moreover, it will keep you comfortable all day long. Match the color of your hoop earrings with one of the colors in your graphic t-shirt. You have a lot of opportunities to experiment with this look. The casual appeal of hoops and graphic t-shirt will add a touch of glamour to your outfit.

#2. Small Gold Hoop Earrings for the Office: 

Of course for the office, you can’t wear bulky or detailed jewelry. For this, small gold hoops are a perfect choice. You can never go wrong with gold hoops. These simple and sleek earrings can pair impressively with any work outfit. Yellow gold hoops are preferable for office wear because the solid gold can mix with any outfit color. It just works well as your little black dress.

However, choosing the right size is imperative as the hoop size is likely to vary depending on your face type. Pick size such that it accentuates your face, and not goes overboard. For more variation, wear hoops with a similar shaped locket design.

#3. Hoops for All Black or All White Outfits: 

Ooze style like an ultimate fashionista by pairing hoop earrings with an all-white or all-black outfit. This head-turning look screams glamour. Over it, go bold with strappy heels. This daring and different look will show off your creativeness. While for these monochrome ensembles, silver or platinum hoops go well.

Furthermore, monochrome and geometric shapes go hand-in-hand. Therefore, an all-black or all-white outfit paired with hoop earrings looks simply wow. This styling trick is definitely going to hit on the point.

#4. Strapless Outfit and Detailed Hoops: 

Accessorize your pretty strapless dress with detailed hoops. This will draw attention to your upper body portion. Detailed hoops with strapless necks serve as a perfect combination. For details, you can go for beaded hoops, chandelier hoops, or some carved patterned ones. The detailing of hoops is the major attraction of this look. But make sure if you are wearing detailed hoops, refrain from wearing a necklace.

#5. Hoop Earrings and Sweater Dress

To accomplish a classy look wear hoop earrings with a sweater dress. This casual yet super stylish look lends you a feminine appeal. So check the 22K gold price to get a pair of hoop earrings for your beloved sweater dress. The bigger the diameter, the thinner should be the hoop.