What to put in a get well soon hamper

There are many ways you can support someone in an unwell condition to recover quickly. Although in some situations, we can’t meet directly with the person. You can do this by sending a hamper as a form of encouragement. Indeed, hampers are generally chosen as gifts to be sent at the moment of the holiday but you can also give them on several occasions, for example, visiting the sick and giving gifts for recovery. In Singapore, there are many kinds of hampers in accordance with your needs. However, if you are confused about giving a suitable hamper to sick people. It’s good to know the recommendations for fast recovery hampers that are suitable in the following section:

Flowers and bouquets

It’s good to choose flowers as a get well soon in Singapore because many blooms can be used as healing properties that can help sick people recover quickly. You can select several kinds of flowers when you send floral gifts while visiting sick people. For example, you can choose sunflower because, in addition to having an attractive appearance, it also has the benefit of reducing inflammation and protecting the body from heart disease by brewing it into tea. There are several other flowers that you can try, such as Daisies, Roses, and Lavender.

Fruits and vegetables

You should never doubt the efficacy of fruits and vegetables. In addition to their delicious and fresh taste, by consuming them, you can get benefits such as increasing the immune system, maintaining healthy bones and teeth and improving digestion. Some fruits that are suitable to be given to sick people are oranges, grapes, apples, plums, dragon fruit, and pears. For vegetables, you can also choose tomatoes, spinach, peppers, corn, and carrots. To make it easier, you can send fruit and vegetables as a get well soon hamper Singapore for sick people.

Organic foods

Organic food can be defined as conventionally produced and processed food. Currently, the trend of organic food is somewhat popular because these ingredients are considered healthier than ordinary food ingredients. After all, the production process does not involve biological engineering technology, radiation, the use of pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics. In the planting process, these plants tend to use natural fertilizers, which are mostly produced from animal feces. In addition to applying natural production processes, these food ingredients must be free from food additives, such as preservatives, food coloring, artificial sweeteners, thickeners, and flavorings. The benefit of choosing organic foods is that you can get more nutrients, such as vitamins and antioxidants, from organic products. These nutrients are beneficial to prevent cancer, maintain healthy eyes and skin, and boost the body’s immune system.

Immune booster drinks

In caring for the body, boosting the immune system is important to avoid various diseases and prevent viruses to parasitic worms in the body. You can boost your immune system by consuming foods and drinks that contain healthy vitamins and minerals. You can provide additional nutrition for your body by drinking natural drinks, such as orange juice, watermelon juice, carrot juice, strawberry smoothie, or a mixture of these ingredients. In addition to products from natural ingredients, you can also consume vitamin drinks and isotonic drinks, which can provide benefits to boost your immune system.

Healthy goodies

If you are bored with the same food, you can also consume healthy processed menus to increase the immune system of sick people. Since some manufacturers are concerned with the health of people’s bodies, their processed food products are certainly healthy and nutritious. In general, some of these products are categorized as healthy because of the ingredients used, for example for wholegrain bread or toast, wholegrain crackers, oatmeal, dark chocolates, popcorn, gluten-free biscuits, milk processed into yogurt, or granola. On top of that, healthy food can be consumed at any time. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, even just a snack while you work or relax while watching television.

Snacks for kids

A get well soon hamper is not only given to sick adults, you can also send it to sick children. Hampers specifically for children usually contain food (biscuits, cereal, crackers), and drinks (milk or juice). In general, this hamper also includes objects that children like, such as toys and dolls. To make it even more attractive, the appearance of the packaging is made as attractive as possible in accordance with the children’s preferences. Well, based on the types of get-well-soon hampers that you can get in Singapore, which one do you prefer? Whatever a get-well-soon hamper you choose, of course, it must be able to provide healing for those who receive it. Moreover, if you want to send someone something to a birthday party, you can select a hamper as a birthday gift delivery Singapore in FlowerAdvisor.