6 Different Ways To Wear Your Skirt In Winter

Skirts are a typical dress thought only to be worn in summers. And Indian winters tend to be so confusing that women are often in turmoil while deciding what to wear. And when it comes to styling a skirt in winter, women are always taken aback. They tend to pile their skirts in their wardrobe instead of wearing them, but not unless they know how to wear them in winters too. It is quite amazing and fashionable to wear skirts in winters. All you need to do is put up some confidence and get some attitude, and in no time no weather can stop you from wearing your favourite skirt. Be it cute minis, trending midis or stylish maxi skirts, you can rock in all. Here are some tips to style your skirts in winter.

  1. Woollen Stockings: –

If you plan to wear a short or mini skirt, then style it with woollen stockings.They are a great option to wear in winters. This will not only save you from cold but also make you look like a diva. You can choose similar or contrastive colours to match your outfit to give it a quirky look. To compliment your look wear wedges or platform heels as they will look the best with them.

  1. Knee High Boots: –

Boots have always been a favourite and best option in winter for women. There are various options among boots. Be it ankle length boots, knee high boots, calf length boots or thigh high boots, there is a perfect option for each and every one of you. Pair your mini skirt with thigh high boots to give it a hot and magnificent look,you can pair your midis with calf length or ankle length boots for an excellent and attractive look. You can also team up your long skirt with ankle length boots. This contemporary style would not only make you look stylish but also effortlessly amazing.

  1. Skinny Pants Or Leggings: –

This is quite a latest trend that has gained popularity in no time and it is spreading like crazy among the young women crowd. Have you ever thought of wearing skirts with pants? Probably no. But how about wearing with one such skinny pant or leggings to give your outfit a typical boho look. This not only looks good but also looks trendy on anyone who wears it. Pair your pencil or A-line mini or midi skirts with this stylish pant. And complete the look with mules or kitten heels.

  1. Bell Bottoms Or Flared Jeans: –

Bell bottom jeans, flared jeans or wide leg jeans might sound outlandish to pair with skirts but trust me they look gorgeous when put together. They can give you a retro or a formal look or else you can also put up an all denim look with denim skirt and shirt for looking ultra-modern and fashionable. Also, to highlight the look wear high heels or wedges.

  1. Long Coats, Jackets Or Sweaters: –

Long coats, stylish jackets or cosy sweaters look amazing with skirts. They are comfortable for winters and also equally stylish. Wear pencil midi skirts or three-quarter skirts with long coats and jackets. And combine floral maxi skirts with long hemline sweaters. And finish the look with stilettos or sneakers.

  1. Long Woollen Socks: –

Long woollen socks are brand new style and very much in trend these days. You can style your miniskirts with these thigh high woollen socks if you do want to wear a full stockings or boots. This fashionable style will not only keep you warm but also make you look stylish and presentable. They look best when paired with ballerinas or pointed heels.