7 Perfect Combination For Lily Bouquet

What special thing about a lily? It is made of breast milk of the goddess. Besides Greece history, lily was made by Hera’s breast milk. Hera is Zeus’s wife. Zeus falls in love with a girl from earth named Alceme and gets one son from her. Zeus’s son is named Hercules. He wants Hercules to become a goddess. Thus, he takes Hercules to heaven. Zeus seduced Hera, so Hera unconsciously breastfeeding baby Hercules. 

The effect of the anesthesia was slowly running out. When Hera is sober, she shocks and throws away baby Hercules. So, the breast milk spilled on the sky and the earth. The milk spilled on the sky becomes milky while the milk spilled on earth becomes a lovely white lily first that grows on. 

Different civilizations are also different from lily’s meanings. In Greece civilization, lily was used by the brides. It symbolizes the purity and holiness of the love she has. Meanwhile, in Egypt, lily is the symbol of fertility and rebirth. It means something holy. In contrast to the China civilization, lilies mean luck and recovery. But the varieties grow in any color; thus the meaning could be different. 

There are no special rules to give a lily bouquet. Because Singapore citizens are mostly Chinese, lily bouquet Singapore is often given to someone who gets sick. That thing should be standard to give a lily bouquet for Singaporean. You can order and send a lily bouquet anytime you want.  

The Unique of Tiger Lily

Something unique comes from lily. Some of us probably do not notice the existence of tiger lilies. The lily is colored in orange and with brown freckles. Behind its name, we know that tiger lily has a similar complexion with one of the tiger species, leopard. Thus, why the lily called tiger lily because they have the same freckles.

Here below the perfect combination for lilies bouquet

  1. Baby’s breath

Baby’s breath as though a sugar. We do not always need it, but things will be sweeter when we use it. Also, using it only sounds not good. We need the stuff to be with. Baby’s breath is white. It would be good to add other colors of main flowers that have a larger size than the baby’s breath itself. 

A white lily bouquet would be appropriate with the baby’s breath. It would be good to see lilies which are arranged in terraces. The baby’s breath is placed on the upside. It could be on the right or left. You could use this lily bouquet for any good moment, particularly the wedding. The bride will show her pure love along with that. To make it compatible, but the lily and baby’s breath boutonniere on the groom.

The pink one is also the cutest. A pink lily bouquet wrapped in a soft color is really cute. You can also make the bouquet with several pink lilies, some leaves, baby lilies in a soft color, and the ribbon. The baby’s breath could be appended scattered or surround the lilies that the fabulous lily bouquet Singapore.

  1. Carnation 

The spectacular fusion of orange goes to tiger lily and orange carnation. The bouquet seems like hot women who steal men’s attention. Containing the bouquet suggested utilizing comparison 3:5 or 4:7. The lilies should be more than carnation cause this is lily bouquet Singapore and let the leaves in. 

With the equal number, lily and carnation also could be pretty good—pink lilies and pink carnations into the one vase. Impress the cuteness also the freshness. Do not forget to always leave the leaves with lily. They should be in one package.

  1. Chrysanthemum 

The bouquet of lilies also could be beautiful with the yellow chrysanthemum. The lily better is the white one. Usually, a chrysanthemum is used for the funeral. Apart from this, nothing’s wrong to put it together as condolences. They still look pretty yet does not mitigate the grief.

  1. Tulip 

Pink lilies and white tulips are a great different color. Lily bouquets contain lilies and tulips and the leaves also got to be a lovely bouquet. It should be an equal amount inside the bouquet. Pink warp or box looks fit on. 

  1. Rose 

Pink lilies inside the bouquet and several variants of roses also no wrong. lily bouquet Singapore might be prettier if it’s pink lilies, white roses, and yellow roses. The beauty in the plural. 

We are still talking about pink lilies. The pink rose could also be a good friend inside the bouquet for lily. Pink lilies, pink roses, the leaves, the ribbon are a perfect definition of the lily bouquet. 

The symbol of love can also be defined in a lily bouquet that has content calla lilies and red roses. The equal comparison of lily and rose that place neatly inside the bouquet is appropriate to be given for gorgeous women. It feels like a strong, also sweet, similar definition of women.

  1. Gerbera

You can make a combination of two kinds of flowers in the same bouquet. The symbols of purity could be seen through the lily, together with the gerberas in the bouquet. They would be suits on a pinkish bouquet or box. 

Pink lilies always have a friend on the lily bouquet Singapore. It is pretty sweet that melting the heart can cause pink lilies and pink gerberas to unite in a lovely bouquet. This could be a good gift idea for a special day like Valentine’s.

  1. Lavender 

Another combination could be lavender and its green suit inside the lily bouquet Singapore. The lily bouquet has contents of a few white lilies and pink lilies. The color will perfectly blend because lavender is not much different from the lilies. Dark warp got to warp them and tied by a sweet white ribbon on.

Those are seven perfect combinations for the lily bouquet. Everybody in Singapore deserves a gorgeous lily bouquet regardless of the day or anything. It sounds boring to give a bouquet of red roses. Let’s start to impress love with another flower like a lily. Not only red roses symbolizes love, but any flowers, including lily flowers.