Common Hair Myths: Which Are Really Real?

There are certain professionals whose opinions we seldom question, doctors, dentists, opticians, and even your hairstylist. That’s right, the hairstylist at your local Sandy salon. They’ve become a confidante, an unofficial counselor, and they are in charge of your hair. You may have heard a myth or two at the salon, but get ready as we bust some of the most common myths.

Off The Shelf Shampoo and Conditioner are the Enemy

The truth is that as with any shampoo or conditioner from the salon or grocery store in Sandy, all that matters is that it’s suitable for your specific hair type. If you’re not getting the desired results, look for a product that understands your needs and problems.

Regular Hair Washing is Bad for your Scalp

This myth is what gave rise to the dry shampoo movement, and it’s more dependent on your lifestyle. If you work in a place where sweating is the norm, then it may be necessary every other day. The issue lies in your product’s strength and using a heating tool to dry your hair.

Trimmings at the Salon Every X amount of weeks

Hair trimming makes locks look cleaner and helps keep split ends away, but knowing how quickly 4 to 6 weeks can arrive makes this habit a pricey and time-consuming one. Only special circumstances would make heading to the salon in Sandy every 4 to 6 weeks necessary.

100 Brush Strokes Equals Healthy Hair

Very few people don’t enjoy brushing their hair; in fact, it can be therapeutic. But do you have the time to sit and count out each brush stroke like you’re at a salon? The goal here is to find a reasonable number that works best for you. Brushing is good because it promotes follicles and helps prevent tangling.

Fine Hair Must Go Short at the Salon

Shorter hairstyles aren’t for everyone, just as long hairstyles are not for everyone. The key here is to know what would work best for your facial shape and, more importantly, your lifestyle. Some products can add volume when needed, and extensions or weaves allow you to change your thinner locks’ look and appearance.

In conclusion, sitting in front of a mirror at the salon in Sandy shouldn’t feel as if you’re being judged. There is only an equal partnership where the client and hairstylist find a balanced outcome that leaves you feeling confident, beautiful, and ready to take on the world. Don’t let these myths keep you from having the luscious locks you’ve always dreamed of, and visit your local hairstylist.

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