Does Each Wall Need a Picture Hanging on It?

Balance is the secret to any good interior design. That means when it comes to hanging photographs, no, you don’t have to cover every wall space with pictures. Empty wall space can be used as a primary design factor to improve the décor. There are various forms of artwork to choose from such as Chanel artwork, champagne art, watch art, gin art, perfume bottle art etc.

There are a few times where you ought to put a photo on every wall of your house. The art of choosing what to do on the wall requires the evaluation of other decorative elements. 

1. A photo is meant to bring dimension and warmth to your design. 

2. The photo can be an elaborate design aspect for your overall decor. 

3. A lifeless wall will become complex with the right photographs and arrangements. 

4. Pictures may enhance the design of a formal or casual space.

Furnishings and artwork 

The pictures you include are meant to fit in as if they’ve always been there. Furniture pieces create natural wall breaks and show vacant wall spaces that could be suitable for images. Examine the forms and designs the furniture produces around the space of the wall. Decide whether the room should be filled or whether it should be left vacant.

Glass and Walls of Door 

Window and door walls will provide fascinating photo opportunities. The wall between two windows, which are at least two or three feet apart, can be used to display images. Keep the adjacent door wall free of images, particularly if there are other decorative elements. An empty corner wall surrounded by a window and an adjacent wall is a nice place for a picture or two. 

Room-by-Room Guide

If you want to create a symmetrical arrangement using images, put the photos in such a way that they are centered in the empty room. If your style is less formal, you may construct asymmetrical patterns that are staggered or spontaneous. A classification that is a combination of sizes and shapes that is not matched will produce a special and fascinating design option.

Living Rooms

The living room is often furnished with a TV, an entertainment unit, a sofa or a sectional one a recliner or two, an end table, lamps and other furniture. If you’ve put these items in your home, stand back and try to see just the space on the wall. 

The fireplace is such a focal point that many people decorate the mantle and the room above the mantle with pictures. Depending on the style of the fireplace, you might get a variety of styles of photo arrangements.

If you enjoy symmetry, you’re going to aspire to a perfect look for your photo framing. If you want a more carefree look, you can decide that the asymmetrical positioning of the photos is just right. Consider what you want to look at and how you like the wall space to be filled in your quarters.