How to attach magnetic snaps to a purse?

Do you sew as a hobby and want your purses and bags to look professional? One of the simplest ways to achieve this is by adding a magnetic snaps closure. This tutorial will help you make a bag with magnetic snaps. There are various types of magnetic snaps found in the market. Make sure you know the type you want, and buy them from magnetic closures factory at best prices. For more information, you can simply write at Although it might not seem like a difficult project, attaching a magnetic snap to your bag is easy. 

What are magnetic snaps or purse snaps?

These invisible closures can be used on almost all types of bags. These are mostly round-shaped pieces that can be attached to bags by magnets. Keep your bag’s flap or pocket shut. Magnetic snaps are the best bag closure for beginners in bag making. Magnetic snaps are easy to use and look great.

What are the standard sizes? 

There are many types of magnetic snaps. They vary in size, thickness, and diameter. They are usually thicker and can be found in most fabric stores that stock them. You can also find thin snap magnets that will almost disappear into fabric regardless of its thickness. There are differences in the sizes. You can sue 18-millimeter magnet snaps most often, but you can also use the 15-millimeter for small bags. These measurements indicate the snap diameter.

How to add magnetic snaps

It is important to remember that the snap should not make it difficult for you to finish stitching the edges of your project. It is a good rule of thumb to keep them at least one inch from your closure’s edge. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to topstitch around. To give the flaps some weight, apply interfacing to them. To give stability, add one to two pieces of interfacing to each flap part. You should make sure that the scraps are slightly larger than your snap part. The snap will feel better and last longer. 

The male snap should be centered on the tab. This is the place where you want your magnet. Press the snap’s prongs into fabric. Mark the area with a pencil or disappearing ink fabric pen. Use your seam ripper to cut along the lines. Do not cut too far. Just make small slits. If they are too small, you can always enlarge them. The snap should be inserted through the right side. The prongs can be seen on the backside of the fabric. Slide the washer onto the prongs. Next, slide the washer over the snap. Use pliers to press the prongs of the snap against the surface for best results.

What magnetic snaps are available?

There are three types to choose from depending on the installation. The first is the most popular and our favorite. The prong-back magnetic snaps are what we are talking about in here. There are also sew-in magnetic fasteners. These magnets are made from transparent vinyl and are sewn between your outer layers. Finally yet importantly, sew-on magnetic snaps.