How to put on a silk Kimono?

Wearing a silk kimono robe could be very smooth if now no longer for the obi belt tying. The guys put on kimonos without a doubt with the aid of using tying the obi belt across the waist. But for carrying a conventional kimono, especially for formal activities, a lady has to tie the obi belt in a unique manner.

It’s far referred to as ohashori and it’s far a triple belting method which includes the obi belt and any other belt tied across the obi belt with a bow on the again. This may want to take hours to perfect. But you can additionally accept the easy Obi knot referred to as Nagoya obi knot.

If you’re wealthy you’ll be carrying greater than a one unmarried kimonos. You can put on as many as 12 kimonos one on pinnacle of the different.

Special functions of the Kimono

The specialists may want to inform loads of factors approximately the wearer just like the age and standing of the wearer, her own circle of relatives, wherein she goes to and what’s the season and so forth from the Kimono she is carrying. By searching on the sleeves of the kimono you can deduce the age and marital fame of a lady.

For instance younger single ladies could put on kimonos with unfastened flowing sleeves which might be very lengthy as to the touch the floor. But married ladies wore kimonos with quick sleeves By searching on the crest embroidered at the kimono one may want to inform the wearer’s own circle of relatives call If you’re a younger lady you may put on a protracted-sleeved kimono in very colorful cloth / or with vibrant designs.

If you’re a married lady you may put on a quick sleeved kimono.

The shades of this kimono can be greater subdued than for the single girls. If you’re a bride you may put on a white kimono if you’re a baby you may put on kimonos which might be brightly colored or with bright prints and styles.

If you’re a completely small toddler you’ll be wearing a white below kimono and on pinnacle any other kimono as a way to be a vibrant colored one for a woman and a black for the boy. The kimonos worn with the aid of using the samurai consisted of 3 parts: the kimono, then a sleeveless garment referred to as a kamishimo worn over the kimono and a hakim, a trouser-like break up skirt.

For a marriage a person will put on a black kimono with a white obi and for funeral, he’s going to put on a black kimono with a black obi.