Impressive Way to Wear A Right Watch for The Right Occasion

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Technically, a watch can be worn with any clothes or footwear. Nevertheless, some people appreciate good style and etiquettes, so they wear one that highlights their personality. Just like you match belts and shoes with your outfit, deal with watches the same way. Watch is an add-on that will improve your looks and not hijack it. When it comes to matching a wristwatch with his clothing, consider ready-to-wear suits as an excellent opportunity for a polished and coordinated look.

How must he match a wristwatch with his clothing?

The matching watch does not have to be complicated. Think like-for-like! Choose Gold with Gold or silver with silver for metal matching with metallic elements in your rings, belt buckles, and cufflinks. The watchband is crucial, like shoes and belts. The leather watchband has to blend with a leather element in your outfit with the same color. 

Mens watches have different styles, and you can choose a dress watch type with dress shoes. The light-colored wristband is reserved for day wear, and the black, brown, khaki are suitable for his evening outfit. 

Which wrist must he wear his watch?

It is generally assumed that men must wear a watch on the hand he uses less. A left-handed male must wear a watch on his right hand and vice versa. This allows the watch to stay stable and not frequently move, thus maximizing its lifespan. Even if you are writing or doing some activities with your dominant hand, you can simultaneously check the time with ease. 

Wear a watch loosely so that your wrist can be used comfortably. The dial has to sit comfortably on your wrist bone so that there are no pricks experienced beneath the cuff. Never wear a watch over the shirt cuff!

Different watch style

House of Watches is the best platform to look for a variety of mens watches the UK. The different watch styles you can choose from include –

Dress or luxury watch

The glam pieces have a narrow leather strap and face. The dial display is simplistic and minimalistic. It is a versatile accessory that blends well with suits or jeans. Wearing it, he can make an impression at interviews, business meetings, opera, club, special occasions, etc.

Field watch

Field watches can handle extreme conditions. They are rugged, tough, and last long. You can read time at night because the black dials with white numbering are large and highly legible. The case is generally stainless steel, while straps are in canvas or leather. Field watches are great in demanding conditions like hiking, gardening, sports field, etc. It goes well with T-shirts, jeans, and even work boots. Avoid wearing field watches with black-tie attire!

Sports or dive watch

The sophisticated diving watch acts as an accurate timekeeper of air supply for scuba divers. Dive watches are waterproof for a minimum of 100 meters. Sports watches are for swimming and waterproof for shallow depths. Sports watches are acceptable for office wear or to travel, dine out or enjoy shopping. On the other hand, dive watches are a no-go zone with a suit as they are bulky and never blend with the suit’s smooth lines.

Aviator or pilot watch

Aviator watches are great timekeepers for pilots. The dial is oversized and holds bold glow-in-dark numbers that can be read easily in tough conditions. It is an all-purpose watch, and as its design is sleek, you can wear it with a formal outfit.

Digital watch

Digital men and ladies watches have LED screen, which shows time in numbers. It is a modern invention that is the current trend revealing modern invention and the digital era.