SKIN&LAB Products Is All You Are Looking For

Every day we are exposed to hundreds of dangerous toxins. Whether they are in the air, or in our own homes, they are there. When you wake up in the morning you are already exposed to toxins. They may be in your toothpaste, your shampoo, soaps, deodorants, and so on. That’s a lot of chemicals right there just in your everyday A.M. routine. As for women, we now apply our makeup, creams, lotions, sprays which equals more toxins!

What are parabens?

Toxins otherwise known as Parabens are man-made chemical preservatives that are supposed to prolong the shelf life of a product. They, however, don’t prolong human shelf life with all of the pesticides, herbicides, and other petrochemicals used in the creation of these products. When comparing organic skincare and makeup products to Synthetic paraben filled products there is a dramatic difference in ingredients. Organic skincare from SKIN&LAB is rich in vitamins, minerals, natural essential oils, and fruit extracts that have been treated with no chemicals from the help of organic farming. Health-conscious companies use natural preservatives derived from plants to elongate the shelf life of a product and keep the product safe.

Synthetic skincare

When speaking of synthetic skincare and makeup, the smell, texture, and overall product is just reeked unnatural, unlike SKIN&LAB Korean Sensitive Skin Care that is nothing but natural. Synthetics are known to cause more skin reactions and irritations then natural ingredients and are simply not cared for the way organic products are. We have been exposed to enough and now we need to get smarter and do our own research on what we are putting on our bodies.

When I say skincare and makeup that also means the skincare products you are using on your children. The baby lotions, baby creams, and wipes are all parabens filled and you using them on your new-born. There are many ways we can use healthy products on our children and we can make them ourselves in our kitchens.

The commonly available products

Products with chemical, natural, and organic ingredients are commonly available. Products with natural flavor are mostly recommendable from SKIN&LAB, as they contain no artificial ingredients. Products, which do not cause any internal and external damages, are 100% pure skincare products. They do not change the genetics of the skin structure or cause no skin rapture. The basic function of a good cream is that it should accomplish functions with maximum safety and effectiveness. People with skin conditions of the dry rough sensitive skin sought are mostly prone towards using these products with confidence.

Natural or organic

By organic SKIN&LAB products, it means the ingredients are made with none additional fertilizers and chemicals. So yes, organic products are always better than simply natural products. Check if the products are certified to be organic. — Is the product formulated for sensitive skin? Most of the natural skin and makeup products are considered to be good for sensitive skin, but that’s a facet you would like to see.


Lastly, you need to check reviews. There are bloggers and other websites that review natural skincare products from SKIN&LAB, and you’ll find tons of wonderful facts and details. Also, the first-hand experience from other users is usually useful in comparing options. Not to forget, check the price.