Things to know about Double Eye Surgery

Nature is the creator of the whole of mankind and is the real artist of diversity found on earth. When it comes to humans, it is obvious that not all humans are the same in shape, size, color, etc. But each one of them is best in their way. Similarly, some people feel a bit uncomfortable due to their unique physiology and wish to modify it. One of these modifications that are practiced these days is Double eyelid surgery. And it is more technically called East Asian blepharoplasty.

Why do people need Double eyelid surgery?

Since the sole purpose of an eyelid is to protect eyes from any external agent, help us sleep and flick properly to ensure smooth vision. But for some people, the case is not so simple. Some find it difficult to close their eyelids properly which causes interference in their vision. People who are born with a pair of dissimilar eyes as one eye with single eyelid whereas another eye with double eyelid tends to opt for Double eyelid surgery.

Important facts about Double eyelid surgery

So, those who are willing to go for Double eyelid surgery(ทำตา2ชั้น, which is the term in Thai) should be aware of certain things. Before opting for the surgery, make sure about the following things:

  • Takes a certain time to get recovered- The surgery involves an incision over and below the eyes. The stitches in the skin require a definite time to get recovered. Therefore, it is better to be aware of the careful and crucial phase of surgery.
  • Makes the eyes look bigger- People with single eyelids have small eyes due to the single fold of skin. But in the case of double eyelid surgery, some part of skin I removed and stitched together. This makes the eyelid to become a little short and look double. Thus, these double eyelids make the cornea of the eyes look bigger.
  • Use of beauty products is prohibited- Poepel undergoing Double eyelid surgery should not apply any beaut product over their skin without proper medical consultation. This is because any extra chemicals touching the stitched area can cause damage to the eyes.
  • Side effects are normal- Side effects such as swelling, itching and other things ar norma in the few days of recovery. People who undergo Double eyelid surgery need not to panic regarding these side effects as they are normal and is an after the result of surgery.
  • Enhances the look of face- The Double eyelid surgery makes the eyes look bigger and thus enhances the look of the face. The surgery modifies the face as a new version.