Why Fashion Catalogs Are Making A Comeback In 2020

Fashion industry is fully inspired by images! 

A few years ago fashion catalogs were a fashion/shopping must-have. When you walked into a boutique, the first item you looked for was a fashion catalog to help guide your shopping process. And when generally looking for trendy outfits, you flip through pages, looking at bags, shoes, clothes, and jewellery, and bookmarking your favourites. Back then, fashion catalogs were basically a fashion addict’s best friend. 

However, with the advent of the internet, the popularity of catalog printing reduced for a while now, in 2020, it is once again making a comeback! While it is not hard to see exactly why this is so, we’ll be delving further into it below. 

Fashion catalogs contain important details

The major reason fashion catalog printing began was so that it could provide potential buyers with the necessary details needed to make their shopping experience easier. 

Fashion catalogs generally include pictures of clothing apparel, their sizes, prices, and other essential information. This year 2020, most men and women prefer knowing what exactly they plan to get before they walk into a store. This is what the catalogs offer. Fashion catalogs help people make these prior decisions and this is one reason they are making a huge comeback this year.

Fashion Catalogs

Fashion catalogs are dependable

The internet is no doubt amazing. It connects us to people, places and things that are miles away, and enhances communication. The transiency of it, however, is as much as a problem as it is a blessing. 

For example, you could see a shoe you love online and set out to get it only to realize you can no longer find the webpage. Or that your battery died and there is nowhere to recharge your phone! These are problems fashion catalogs do not present. Fashion catalogs for one, do not run down. Neither do the pictures on the pages disappear. Once you have your catalog in hand, you can shop for hours without hindrance! 

Fashion catalogs improve organized shopping

Fashion Catalogs

Shopping for numerous items at once can be confusing and may eventually make you feel disoriented. With a boutique’s fashion catalog, you can sit for a moment, skimming through the pages and making a decision of the dresses and shoes you would like to try on before proceeding to look for them. This gives you a plan of action, improving organized shopping.

Looking through the catalogs can also help you make your final decision on the spot without spending long minutes trying on clothes. This makes the shopping process much easier and less stressful. 

And in a time when all man seeks is a way to make life easier, of course, the fashion catalog will be making a comeback!

Fashion catalogs help minimize product returns

Fashion Catalogs

Customers return products when what is delivered is different from what was expected. Fashion catalogs contain every detail about each product therefore the buyer knows what exactly to expect. When this expectation is met, there will be minimal rate of product returns. This helps boutiques reduce product returns and cart abandonment. 

Bottom Line

Fashion catalogs are making a comeback this 2020 because they contain important details, improve shopping experience and minimize product returns. So if you are a boutique/fashion line owner, you might as well hop on the trend and consider getting a fashion catalog! 



Adam Smith is a marketing director at Mixam who loves to motivate entrepreneurs and startup holders. He writes for magazines and blogs on topics pertaining to leadership and success. While not at work, he is either on vacation or binge-watching series on Netflix