Top Features you Get in The Luxury Beauty App

The Luxury Beauty App has top features that make it for users to shop for high quality beauty, fashion and wellness products. The features also help get the best professionals for your beauty and wellness need.  Here are some of the top features at

Smart mobile catalogue

The Luxury Beauty App offers a catalogue users enjoy browsing as they check for saloon booking options. This feature makes it easy for users to look for the desired services directly from their IOS and Android mobile devices. It allows users make booking for professional services and products, make payments and track orders.

Product and service listing

The app has a product and service listing that show the cost of the different beauty and wellness products provided. This helps users be able to compare pricing of the different products and also professional services. The feature has images, categories, services and menus for users to navigate during their search.

Photo library

The Luxury Beauty App has a photo gallery that helps professional showcase their services. The gallery has a huge collection of products for users to view when making their selection.  It displays elegant images, has an image share option, show previous and next navigation.

Client management feature

For professionals there is a client management feature that allows providing unforgettable services to clients. It allows professionals in communicating with clients to boost their relationship. The feature also allows for push notifications and showcase skills to clients.

Salon Details gives professional with salons showcase the different services they provide to clients. Here you will find the type of beauty and wellness services the salons offer, cost of the professional services. Specific location and duration taken to complete the services offered. There is also a feature for all other professionals to show their skills, experience, services provided and other information.

User login

The Luxury Beauty App has a user login features that makes it easy for them to use it either for shopping or looking for clients.  It is a one click login that even starters find it easy to access the app and all the information provided. Registration is also easy because it only involves putting your personal details and creating a password to be able to login.


This feature makes it easy for users to book for specific products or professional services they need. It also makes it easy for customers to make payments and track their bookings.